Having said that, the brokerage company responded so slowly, in fact, it has more or less influence on Wang Yibo. Emily: I’m a millionaire, I can buy any idol or actor that I like, be it Kris wu, Yi yangqianxi, Chen fei yu, Yibo, etc. The last straw for many Wang Yibo fans are the matching sneakers. This will only upset them. As for the other things … Well, putting your dirty shoes on public furniture might not be the best behavior, but it doesn‘t hurt anyone either nor does it pose any security risks.
Emily Qi is an heiress to the Sparkle Roll Group Limited (耀萊集團), which is in the business of bringing luxury brands to China. Subsequently, the official Weibo of Lehua Entertainment also forwarded this statement. Oh please..They don’t want someone like you to like them too..this crazy fans is just live their dellusional life thinking that their idol need to behave like they want them to..like, who the fuck are you? Such a simple and comfortable pose, so many mad people. This is not Emily first scandal, This girl has a great scandal resume.

Xiao Zhan and Yibo are such good friends. No one knows until they’ve confirmed. To the point where Xiao Zhan worries he won't have enough for himself. They are behaving like these guys are not human.

And what can I say, if you’re turning your back on him just because of some malicious rumors and say that you will stop being his fan, then you never were a real fan in the first place. What’s wrong with you? I hope the boys are ignoring these senseless fan wars. I like the two of them, and I hope the two of them can work together again forever and so on. Haters will always be haters who have nothing else to do in their life but spread hate. Everyone know how close they are, sometimes they really do seem like brothers because of their close friendship.

I’m not starting a fan war but i just personally think that they shouldn’t get attacked for doing these small actions. can you guys chill out and just move on. Everyone should appreciate theirs talents and be thankful that they are existed to inspire us all. Despite having top billing after Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, Meng Ziyi has a small part in a story that doesn’t lose focus on its dual leads. Write my own checks like These so called fans are so unreasonable. Today (August 16th), Wang Yibo’s company, Lehua Entertainment, issued a statement saying that Wang Yibo’s romance rumors belonged to the unscrupulous fabrication of Wuzhongbo. Now with this resume listing she wants to debut in SM, I won’t support her if she gets to debut . 1st Scandal: That I remember in 2014 she chased the Exo guys like a real Sassaeng in their Backstage during their first concert in China, the Chinese exols got so angry and told her to leave Exo alone, she was also obsessed with Kris Wu (Wu yi fan) always posted photos of Kris on her Weibo, after Kris left Exo, his rich father made him sign for his company (Yaolai Grup) … I think everything can be done with money. Some of y’all are hilarious let the boy live he has every right to date whoever he wants he’s not a play toy, I hope the day will come when young people will be able to differentiate reel from real. His obsession with Yibo follows the same line. Yibo skateboarding and all is also cool. Same here. I have to wonder if you’re right. Just bought it Their bromance is evidence through their interactions, longing stares and the character development that is buoyed by the storyline. They claim it’s Wang Yibo and Emily Qi based on the “evidence” below: Watch the video here: http://t.cn/AiHfMsaf?m=4405225311882230&u=3212642182, Yuehua Entertainment Addresses Wang Yibo’s Dating Rumors, Wang Yibo’s Cell Phone Number Exposed by Scalpers, Wang Yibo Complains about Xiao Zhan Bullying Him While Filming “The Untamed”. Thats bullsh*t. Crazy fans! Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Xiao Zhan Fans and Wang Yibo Fans are Sabotaging each Other’s Idol over Their “Uncivilized” Behavior, Scarlett Wong Talks about Jacqueline Wong’s Current Condition and Her Own Relationship Status, Karry Wang Junkai Holds Back Tears Talking about His Father’s Sacrifices Before He Became a Celebrity, Jin Han Proudly Admits to Dating Actress, Zhang Zhixi, Victoria Song Posts Swimsuit Pictures After Getting Criticisms for Her Ensemble at the 13th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, and Victoria Song Announced as Leads for Costume Drama, “Fengqi Luoyang”, 8 Upcoming Double Male Lead C-Dramas To Look Forward To. 3rd Scandal: The Love Triangle between Emily, Chen fei yu and Ouyang Nana, In 2017 Ouyang Nana and Chen fei Yu were filming a movie “Secret Fruit”, Emily took an interest in Chen fei yu and approached Ouyang Nana through a friend to help him conquer Chen fei yu, Nana as a good friend tried to help her, but Chen fei yu had no interest in Emily and he liked Ouyang Nana more, from that Emily was furious and intimidated Ouyang Nana cybernetically with her friends insulted her and threw her out of their circle of friends. Jia you Xiao Zhan & Wang Yibo. Xiao Zhan Dedicates Birthday Post to Wang Yibo and Fan Girls are Going Crazy, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo Want to Collaborate Again. I should be a sad b ** ch Stop with the fan war and grow up.
It’s equally wrong. Lmao even to the point that you say he changed his username to look like Emily’s??? Wang Yibo Vents Frustration at Sasaeng Fans, Korean Netizens are Loving Wang Yibo and “Lan Wangji” After Watching “The Untamed”. I don’t completely agree with your comment but I definitely believe that they should be treated with love and respect. There’s a rumor that Wang Yibo is in a romantic relationship with a Chinese heiress. , I really support that Yibo has a girlfriend, he is a human too, but the reason why the Chinese fans got mad that he was dating Emily qi (Qi meihe), she insulted the fans by calling them farmers and that all the handsome boys were hers Do you know what kind of person Emily is ??? I think the best thing will be that if they don’t have this kind of toxic fans around them. It’s just a rumor. For Wang Yibo, these days it is estimated to be like a roller coaster. They are just creating scenes out of nothing. And yes, everyone could everyone just leave him alone and let him live his life? The relationship of love. He debuted as a singer on October 16, 2014 with UNIQ‘s single “Falling In Love” and as an actor on April 29, 2016 in the movie “MBA Partners” as Zhao Shu Yu. I dont care if im right or wrong, i just care that they, themselves, be happy. She is more of a sasaeng than anyone else. Sigan alegrando nuestros corazones con su gran talento y no dejen de ser humanos.

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