Nevertheless, some atheists apparently still think …. Ever since Popper, we’ve said that falsifiability is the demarcation between what is scientific and what is not. Atheists know that people can easily accept the idea of an eternal nothingness, because ‘nothing’ in its true sense of the word (meaning NO - THING) doesn’t need a first cause. But if this proof should stand up to scrutiny, it will most certainly give us considerable new insights into the mechanisms that gave birth to our cosmos. When listening to the various explanations for a universe from nothing, a critical thinker will observe that there must be special requirements for this “nothing.” These include: Obviously (at least to a physicist) none of these things qualify as “absolutely nothing at all.” Yet this is precisely what is needed if Krauss’s argument is to deliver what many atheists think it promises. The origin of the universe poses a problem for atheism.

The Wuhan team’s equations show that such a bubble has the potential to expand exponentially, causing a new universe to appear. The little by little approach which they apply to the origin of life and progressive evolution doesn’t work for the origin of the universe. Sub-atomic particles or quantum effects are OBVIOUSLY not up to the job, any more than any of the other natural, first causes proposed by atheists. Of course, this fact is fatal to atheist beliefs, because it rules out every conceivable, naturalistic, origin scenario. So we have to ask - why do atheists perversely insist on referring to SOMETHING (i.e.

Dominant Principle of Classical Physics. = [dimensionless].

Necessarily, then, the origin of nature must be super-natural (i.e., not natural). So there is no such thing as ... the universe from nothing.

Science literally means 'knowledge'. The end result - the universe - cannot be greater in any respect than that which ultimately caused it. Subscribers get more award-winning coverage of advances in science & technology. For a highly simplified example, if we observe someone arguing that space (length L) and time (T) came from nothing, we can simplify the equation to L.T. We could even find a particle which we could nickname the ‘God’ particle. Space is an integral part of the material universe, and is just as dependant on a first cause as the cosmic bodies it surrounds. Given the quantum behavior of virtual particles in a vacuum as put forth in this paper, it’s reasonable to assume this hasn’t happened only this once, but rather many or potentially even an infinite number of times. The very first cause of the universe cannot be something simpler or less complex than everything that follows it, which is the sum total of the universe itself. So just what do atheists mean by their idea of nothing? That should sound much more plausible to the public.

Furthermore, quantum effects are not uncaused. The properties of the first cause of the universe must at the very least, be equal to every property that exists in the universe. This is certainly true of atheists who simply accept Krauss’s “nothing” at face value. space and time) which clearly ISN'T nothing - as NOTHING? A Window on the Universe’s Distant Past and Future. (Note that as stated in this paper, the metastable false vacuum has “neither matter nor space or time,” but is a form of wavefunction referred to as “quantum potential.” While most of us wouldn’t be inclined to call this “nothing,” physicists do refer to it as such.).

Of course it isn’t - it makes no difference whatsoever. It felt like this might be the point where the scientific method would have to give way to the origin stories of myth. Perhaps until the end of time.


Since we have Length and Time on the left, and a dimensionless, absolutely nothing at all on the right, the equation is dimensionally incorrect. The reasoning of those who propose quantum effects as a possible origin of the universe seems to be that, if something is impossible, just propose that it could happen - little by little -and that makes it plausible.

Last month saw the publication of a paper that may be as important to our understanding of the Big Bang as was the detection of gravitational waves. Therefore, for atheists to claim the universe arose from 'nothing' means they can avoid having to explain ... what caused that which they believe existed before the universe? Which means an uncaused, ‘natural’ first cause is impossible, according to this fundamental principle of science. Still, this work dovetails well with that of the BICEP2 team, both discoveries having significant implications for our understanding of the universe and our future should they stand up to further inquiry.

". That really blows the whole argument because it’s not a universe from nothing, it’s a universe form something else for which we must account, and can’t.

In discussing this with one of the authors, Qing-yu Cai said he thinks their work “supports the multiverse concept.” Whether this process would result in the exact same physical laws that we see in our own universe remains to be determined, since according to these equations only limited conditions could result in an exponentially expanding true vacuum bubble. In the end, the work may or may not be accepted. Rather than engaging in confusing discussions of “nothing” and what it actually includes, there is a much simpler solution. Photo credit: Kirk Durston. He's guided businesses through the ever-shifting technology landscape for over two decades and writes extensively about the future and emerging technologies. According to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, quantum fluctuations in the metastable false vacuum – a state absent of space, time or matter – can give rise to virtual particle pairs. Of course, this fact is fatal to atheist beliefs, because it rules out every conceivable, naturalistic, origin scenario. The law of cause and effect tells us that every natural entity/event/effect requires an adequate cause. Kristophoros. Bottom line: The “nothing” that Krauss and others refer to is not what it seems to the naïve listener — something must always be included.

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