status page. What is the big issue here? Can u help me? Ps5 using checkerboard is a fact.

@ShowtimePro4 @ChitoGaminYT @Why_Ever_Sleep They must have the industrial CAD files for the PlayStation 5 and are making these plates based on that.

Play. 24. #PS4 #DisneyPlus. do you work for xbox? @disneyplus please fix your PS4 @PlayStation app, it is unusable right now and @themandalorian season starts this week! @kimliperton We are sorry to know you are facing issues. @WOOLLEY_GAMER @Ozymandias88_ @B37Brian Why are you asking Microsoft if a Software implementation is added to a program that THEY DO NOT DEVELOP. @10voltsam #psn #playstationnetwork #Playstation, @W0nderKat @outcastja @Benajog247 @PlayStation is there issues going on with servers right now ? They are pro consumer even when they dont have to be. The link sent me an error saying that playstation redirected me too many times I tried deleting cookies but it didn't work, @lilblondebitchh You could always try for the refund . Fullscreen. @arends_gio @its_menieb @IGN xbox definitely has more issues I have both and there is something wrong on Xbox way more than on PlayStation, Is PSN down or something? Are you facing issues login from the console or website ? © Ookla, LLC. @GenshinImpact @PlayStation Please help me. You need to download the Elgato capture software from elgato's website, and also make sure you disable HDCP on your PlayStation or Xbox, after getting software you can set the Elgato up in program. @AskPlayStation I've been trying to sign up for PlayStation Now for almost an hour.

@ufc help!!!!!!! @PlayStation Hello Playstation, so I'm trying to friend a player online but it takes awhile for the profile to load with "Please Wait" 2 mins in it still shows please wait, is it a glitch cause my internet is fine right now?

@Kratos05198729 @Benajog247 @TLOU_Fan14 @PlayStation Mines been down for 3 days won’t even let me connect to the internet. Posted by 3 months ago. The customer service is so bad right now. @moankeyman @AskPlayStation It's definitely not my internet connection, before loading CoD I was playing FFXIV (MMO) with my partner on our PC's doing 24 man raids and such with zero connection issues. @voteczek @PlayStation No issues when i play other games. If you delete your Microsoft account you lose your Xbox games, if you delete your PlayStation account you lose your PlayStation games and if you delete your Steam account guess what... you lose your PC games as well. By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here. @tape_cadette @PhoenlxShadow97 @djsaiyan Tired of giving them & @Sony second & third & fourth & fifth & sixth chances to get the @PlayStation app working. Garbage. Your community-run home for all things PlayStation on Reddit!

@AskPlayStation @PlayStation @Sony @SonySupportUSA I've been at this NOW for 24 hrs... and For 24 hrs - I get nothing but PSN isn't responding, PSN isn't returning our attempts to contact PSN. @Benajog247 @TLOU_Fan14 @PlayStation Mines been down for 3 days won’t even let me connect to the internet. On your browser, enter the activation code and click.

3. As well, did you complete the internet test connection? @Altairjc The PSN is up and running! @PlayStation Hello Playstation, so I'm trying to friend a player online but it takes awhile for the profile to load with "Please Wait" 2 mins in it still shows please wait, is it a glitch cause my internet is fine right now? Question. Game is less than 48hrs from release?? @IGN So? @urmadlmfao @NuggetsWitSauce @nexusbstudios @wpatsr @PlayStation Oh the fake news that you ponies are trying to spread. @Sony @PlayStation @NISAmerica Why is trails of coldsteel 4 preload download not working, even though it was supposed to start today? less problems with the system too. Hey @PlayStation how do you expect us to use the PS3 and Vita stores to download our games when the PS3 store freezes the moment you open it, Vita games (like Danganronpa, for example) have been delisted its store, and the download lists DOESN'T HAVE A SEARCH FUNCTION, @Sp00kyBlossom

@PlayStation is the psn internet down? The link sent me an error saying that playstation redirected me too many times I tried deleting cookies but it didn't work, @lindseyybolton your problem is you got xbox. @nexusbstudios @d4nkie @CristianMeza117 @PlayStation Xbox allows you to use every previous controller down to the OG Xbox. The event, kicking off at midday AEST on Sunday 8th April, can be watched through your PlayStation 4 thanks to a new live event service.

Chat Chat Offline.

Phone Phone Offline. PlayStation will also buy more studios, but It doesn't mean either company will buy Ubisoft. Console/game discussions, news, tech support, trophy/media sharing and more! #PS4UPDATE. Be the first to know the next time Playstation Network goes down.

@canadianpapi I can help with that and your EA account -Riley.

@PlayStation @AskPS_UK @AskPlayStation @NISAmerica @NISAinEurope whats going on?

Will Sony give a refund on a ppv not working? How did that go for you ? Inbox Settings EA Account Sign Out Getting Started User Rules & Guidelines Searching Posting Questions or Messages Video XP Badges Ranks and Leveling up Subscriptions and Notifications Note to self: NEVER download content from PS!! 0:00. @PlayStation So y’all ain’t gon fix the outage or.... @thaRadBrad @PlayStation Must be awesome to get shit for free during a pandemic whilst everyone else has to worry about their console not only arriving but working. @AskPlayStation is there problems with PSN at the moment? It was about 20-22 seconds. @yasin_the_dream @elgato Ok so clearly you don't have a spec issue, as long as you're running Windows 10. I am unable to pre order the ultimate edition of Spider-Man Miles Morales, Digital copy from the PlayStation store. If so, it should work fine. Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo also need gifting. @BruceMon3yWayne @sparky3297 @charlieINTEL @PlayStation @bethesda @Xbox @Ubisoft That would be ATVI problem as they will lose mad customers.

@AskPlayStation is there problems with PSN at the moment? @yuchen99455992 Are PSN servers down? At the finals I had to switch to the teammates’ twitch streams, to see the results faster . @DerieriThePure Follow the steps below to link your account. Can I get help?

@danny_aguilar_ I've send email, contacted support and no answer.. it's very disappointing. I can't even log into My Playstation and I even changed the password and still the same error. Lastly, these companies need to get their website infrastructure together. @PlayStation @ATVIAssist

@TheShyGuy69 @PlayStation 8.00 update has wrecked my PS4, I'm paying for multiple streaming services which now buffer or outright don't work and yes I'm spamming PS posts til I get a response @Adams359ci Or when the problem occurs? It doesn't bode well for the #PS5 launch if you screw over existing customers! SAME APPLIES TO PLAYSTATION & SONY. Login to your existing ESPN account or create a new one.

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