While most of the traditional Christian hymns on this list are written in American and the UK, some had a more indirect route to the American church. Some of the greatest words ever written in traditional Christian hymns have come out of moments where the average man realizes the enormity of God’s grace. Bennard’s hymn reminds us that Christ’s sacrifice was terribly painful but ultimately a necessity.

“Blessed Assurance” (1873) is a simple, but pleasant hymn that exudes the confidence of knowing that we will be face to face with Christ one day. That’s why this song is one of the best traditional Christian hymns of the 20th century. All of the songs on this list are under the classification of worship, but “Holy, Holy, Holy” is a hymn that praises God for being the only entity in the universe worthy of worship. When we draw near to Christ and abide in His word, we have found our highest calling. They also have the lyrics so you can sing along. Written in the 1930’s by BB McKinney, this hymn emphasizes the importance of trusting the Lord and resigning yourself to the idea that wherever God is is better than any place you envision yourself being. We pray that you will listen and grow closer to our Savior. From Easter hymns to the more traditional Christian hymns we sing throughout the year, you can find wonderful music written by pastors, theologians, and everyday believers. Her most popular work is a song that conveys the message of our new status in Christ. The more time we spend with God and the closer we draw near to Him, the better off we will be. Just at the end of the 19th century, this hymn by Lewis E. Jones was penned to remind believers of just how powerful the blood of Jesus can be. If it is theologically sound and inspires those who hear it, it’s worth checking out. If there is something that is troubling you, pass it on to God. Civilla D. Martin’s well-known hymn shares a lot of that same sentiment. Viewing life on earth as a prison keeping us away from the ultimate existence with Jesus, the song gives death a sweet reversal that should not be overlooked. Penned by Joseph Scriven in the 1850’s, this popular hymn is comforting in that it tells us the key to removing doubt and pain in our lives. Because He lives, we know that there is hope. One of the best things about the grace of God is that it is available for all. Christianity all comes down to the resurrection. Even when we are in the right frame of mind, we will have days when we feel completely lost. The story behind this famous hymn is both sorrowful and inspirational as its author Horatio Spafford overcame great tragedy to come to the place where he could write these words down. Joseph Webster and S. Fillmore Bennett put together this 19th century hymn that rejoices in the thought of believers gathering together after death and being called up to the Father. Abide with Me; A Charge to Keep I Have; Ah, Holy Jesus; Alas! Upon finding a safe space between the rocks, Toplady was inspired by the mental picture of Christ providing us a place of safety and rest. We have a holy, powerful God who is deeply invested in our lives. Some traditional Christian hymns took months to write, day after day spent trying to piece together the next lyric or note. These traditional hymns are here for your enjoyment and to glorify God. “Amazing Grace” was written by John Newton, a slaver-turned-preacher, in the 1770’s. Our list of the 50 Most Loved Hymns will answer your question! Reject it or conduct a full surrender?

Written in the late 1800’s by Judson W. Van DeVenter, this hymn has long been considered a perfect song for any altar call. This hymn, written by Helen Howarth Lemmel in the 1920’s, has a lovely chorus that is instantly recognizable.

The pleasing melody is the ... ChrisTomlinVEVO. Without his sacrifice, we are lost in the storm. Click on the icon below to find out how you and your family can be a part of the next K-LOVE Fan Awards. Whenever the gospel is presented to someone, it begs for a response. It can be easy for us to praise God when we’ve just experienced victory or when life is smooth sailing, but what about when we’re in the middle of a storm? You don’t have to reach a certain level of intellectualism or societal class.

Although it’s only been a song in English for roughly 100 years, the origins of this one trace back over a millennium to an old Irish poem. Wherever He Leads I’ll Go. As much as we love listening to contemporary Christian artists and the hit songs they’ve written, sometimes it’s nice to rewind the clock and enjoy traditional Christian hymns from decades and centuries ago. The hymn isn’t just for new believers, though, because those who profess to be Christians often aren’t living their lives in full surrender of Christ. With amazing performances and more, it is the ultimate fan experience. Other songs, like “In the Sweet By-and-By,” are written in a whirlwind of inspiration that lasts mere minutes. There is a reason why this classic hymn is the one most often used by Christian and secular media alike. Penned by the famous poet William Cowper, the song focuses on the power of Jesus’ blood and its necessity for our salvation. By turning our eyes upon Him, though, we regain perspective and see that earthly things are no match for what God has in store. It doesn’t matter if a song is written in the 1700’s or 2017.

For Augustus Toplady, the inspiration for “Rock of Ages” came as he was seeking shelter during a storm. God is our ultimate source of security and righteousness.

Not only does He care about our worries and struggles, He wants to shoulder the burden for you. This hymn has stood the test of time because the sorrows of this world are never enough to truly overcome the grace of God. One of the best-known traditional Christian hymns came from the evangelist George Bennard in the early 20th century. Part of his story was captured in the 2006 film by the same title.

Not only does the hymn highlight the atoning power it holds, the song proclaims that His blood can change our hearts over time. We might have some days that are harder than others, but we will experience the most peace when we recognize that the world does not sit squarely on our shoulders. You can sit at a desk trying to write something profound and never come up with anything worth committing to paper. Hymns on God’s Sovereignty, Providence, and Power. There is a reason why this classic hymn is the one most often used by Christian and secular media alike. We can become so easily distracted in our daily lives that we often forget what is most important. Upon turning to Christ, we can boldly approach the throne of God with confidence. Christian music today is mostly created by professional musicians and songwriters, but there have been plenty of everyday people over the years who have contributed to traditional Christian hymns. The hymns are in the public domain so you can freely download and enjoy any of them.

The simple command at the heart of this hymn is some of the best advice you can get as a believer. There are so many wonderful traditional Christian hymns that could have been added to this list, but these are certainly among the greatest hymns of all time. 50 Most Loved Hymns. It’s easy to share a kind thought or pray a quick prayer, but we often don’t feel the swift deliverance we seek. It sums up the importance of the resurrection and reminds us that we serve a living God who is at work still today. Annie Hawks’ 1872 hymn is a cry of desperation for a weary soul. The lyrics were originally developed in Sweden by Carl Boberg before bouncing around Europe as a hymn and being translated into English by Stuart Hine. We often view the cross as the instrument of death it historically was, but this hymn turns that idea on its head by making it out to be a symbol of hope and God’s love. We’ve noted that some traditional Christian hymns come from outside the United States and this Irish classic is the perfect example. Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise “To all, life Thou givest, to both great and small, In all life Thou livest, the true life of all; We blossom and flourish as leaves on the tree, And wither and perish–but naught changeth Thee.” (Walter C. Smith, 1867) 2. During Crosby’s long life, she wrote thousands of hymns, participated in missions, and taught many students. The hymn was written by John Sammis in the late 1800’s, but its simple words of determination have kept up its popularity over the years.
The youngest song on this list, “Because He Lives” was written by Bill Gaither in the early 1970’s.

What will you do with this new information? Written by Eugene Bartlett in the 1930’s, this hymn is one that sees conversion as the ultimate victory. Blessed Assurance. © traditionalhymns.org 2020   Photo by David Hepworth under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic, All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (for violin), All Praise to Thee, for Thou, O King Divine, Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (for violin), If Thou Shalt But Suffer God to Guide Thee. Have you ever wondered what the most popular hymns are? If we are willing to follow Him, He will accept us. In this hymn, Robinson perfectly describes the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, the process by which we each find salvation, and the struggle of taking up our cross daily.
The devil can send us on a guilt trip, but God is our ultimate judge.

Over and over it states that God has perfect love, power, and honor. That’s why we wrote our own Nashville Travel Guide to help you out. There is a long tradition of Christ-honoring music in America and across western Europe and many of these songs are still popular today. 1. Sanctification is a process over the course of a believer’s life, one that we can endure because of the blood of the Lamb. Elvina Hall was sitting in church one day when she penned the words to this famous song. Other times inspiration strikes you in the middle of nowhere. Here’s a twist on the famous hymn sung by Chris Tomlin in conjunction with the film. Charitie Lees Smith was the daughter of an Irish man of God who wrote hymns from a young age. This hymn is about taking in the wonder of God and being amazed at how vast and deep His power and understanding are. Sometimes we look back and think of traditional Christian hymns as being these joyless, curmudgeonous songs that we’ve outgrown, but some are full of joy and vigor. I’ll Fly Away. We like to add our own ideas on what it means to be a Christian, but it really comes down to trusting Him and obeying His commands. 25 Traditional Christian Hymns We Still Enjoy Today. “Victory in Jesus” is a hymn that is upbeat and proclaims a joyous occasion. When we focus on the tasks we have to complete or worry about the big thing that’s happening next week, Jesus can seem like a distant friend we haven’t seen in ages. Still popular today, the hymn has a Southern Gospel vibe to it despite having originated in England. This is one of those old Christian songs that still resonates with believers today. 50 Most Loved Hymns - The Top 5 Here are a few that have withstood the test of time.

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