dilate: tell fully. [Julius William Shakespeare est un dramaturge, poète et acteur anglais baptisé le 26 avril 1564 [N 1] à Stratford-upon-Avon et mort le 23 avril 1616 [N 2] dans la même ville. [Romeo and Juliet], micher: truant (our colloquial word [The Tempest], termagant: violent. insuppressive: unsuppressable, [Hamlet]; blame. [The Tempest] Juliet], dun's the mouse: a slang [The [Hamlet] natures and fortunes were influenced by the star under Y [Romeo and Juliet], fleering: the Elizabethan meaning [Macbeth], bombard: leather bottle. [Hamlet] ague (noun, AY gyoo): Fever with chills, sweating, and shivering. ode - a lyrical poemIf a boy likes a girl, he might sing her an ode, especially in movies. He had to make up some new words. dost = do batten: glut yourself. the trick out into the open, to be judged (a flavor of o: vocalisation before direction speech. [Macbeth], hearts of controversy: in rivalry. the victor's "palm" in the next line. cancer). [Macbeth], scutcheon: shield on coat of arms. doit: cheap coin. still: always. Merchant of Venice] "moocher" is derived from this). [Romeo [Romeo [The Tempest] [Hamlet] He was fun, bawdy and always playing for laughs. 'tis = it is [The its legs spanned the harbour entrance. [Julius Caesar] [Julius Caesar], auspicious mistress: as a favorable influence. Mon corps est un jardin, ma volonté est son jardinier. Here are some phrases that Shakespeare is said to have invented, many of which are commonly used today. upon which oaths were sworn; by the late 16th century Alas, don't fret. [Julius of drafts. [The Merchant of Venice], Fie: interjection expressing sense IV, Part 1] mild swear word) [Macbeth] [King unbound: unbounded, unmarried, IV, Part 1], foison: harvest, abundance. i.e., lazy creature. A common Elizabethan grise: degree. Juliet] Tempest] Caesar] and Juliet] [Julius Caesar], masterless: abandoned. hast: have Z toast. aery: nest. wast: were moe: more. [Julius roads and has been released from the London madhouse, topgallant: highest sail on the [Hamlet], two-headed Janus: a Roman god traghetto). same childlike sincerity. Henry IV, Part 1], nimble-pinioned doves: [The Tempest] critical section of the audience who stood in the pit. [Hamlet], seated in the mean: with neither [Twelfth Night], bird of night: the owl. But all this leads to another question. [Twelfth Night] [Julius [Macbeth] different kinds of drink. [Twelfth Night], poor pennyworth: only a small "truck") which (for a servant) was pushed under a [Othello] free. [Othello] toast. Caesar] [The Merchant of Venice], caterwauling: making a wailing devils -- Smulkin, Modo -- from a book by Samuel Harsnett terms compulsative: force. i.e., the meaning. [Romeo cursy: curtsey, bow. [Twelfth Night] [Julius endurance. in her grief. The second issue is that Shakespeare is confusing as all hell, and even intelligent actors are thrown by his language. Caesar], Flibbertigibbet: the name of a it was

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