I never found the words to say Follow What's It All About? Tag: Red Light Spells Danger Car Share, Now 48 and the Fairytale World of Kayleigh Kitson. Sadly, if she had waited just a few more minutes, she would have realised that John had engineered a message of his own via the dulcet tones of Forever FM’s drive-time presenter and the playing of that song which bears her name. And I know no matter where life takes me to Kayleigh is accused of living in a fairy-tale world (which to be honest is preferable to the one we seem to be living in at the moment) and the cautious John, who comes from a background and part of the country where such things are most definitely not spoken about, does not come up with the correct responses. How it should been, now oh might’ve been And tomorrow can never be Moments of great humour emerged when just the right track was picked for a particular scene. But still I can’t find ways to let you go, I never had a dream come true In case of inadvertently issuing a spoiler however, I thought I should wait until they had actually all been aired on the BBC before writing about them. By default therefore, it also features in mine. I’ve lost all sense of time If this blog was a Nostalgic Journey Through the Tracks Of Her Years, this song would most definitely feature. One regret from yesterday Because love is a strange and funny thing This all happened around the turn of the millennium which was just when I was having a few years off work to be a stay-at-home mum. There was big excitement in our house when Miami 7 first aired on kids’ telly and although she would be embarrassed to admit it now, darling daughter’s very first single (a cassette single actually) was Never Had a Dream Come True. A part of me will always be with you, Somewhere in my memory You’ll always be the one I know I’ll never forget In case you haven’t watched the series, the half-hour episodes could not be simpler in terms of plot-line – Supermarket assistant manager John Redmond (Peter Kay) and supermarket worker Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson) have taken part in their firm’s car share scheme and inevitably over the months, get to know each other really well. As for Now 48 I might just pass on that one, but for darling daughter, however strenuously she denies it in the future, I will always know that Track 3 was her very first single! You’ll always be my baby Yes you will As for the songs, I’m off to have another wallow in that Forever FM soundtrack as it takes me right back to those days of dalliances and the invoking of the 3-month rule. If you can’t find a teacher, display a red light. A Nostalgic Journey Through the Tracks of My Years. No matter how hard I try and try That just seems to grow with time You know you will oh baby One of the strange outcomes from a hit series like this is that the Now That’s What I Call Music people have had to start repressing copies of Now 48. Thinking back, this is the kind of thing I might have given my latest crush as a teenager but there is something very childlike about Kayleigh and this was her favourite CD, so it did seem apt. Even with the most unlikely of partners, you can have a lot of fun for around three months, but it is highly likely that after that point the rose-coloured spectacles come off and lots of things about them really start to grate. on WordPress.com, Unthought of, though, somehow (The Swede). on Car Share, Now 48 and the Fairytale World of Kayleigh Kitson, Car Share, Now 48 and the Fairytale World of Kayleigh Kitson, https://jukeboxtimemachine.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/07-never-had-a-dream-come-true.mp3, Awesome Mixtapes #2 – It’s Immaterial and ‘Driving Away From Home (Jim’s Tune)’, ‘Angie Baby’, Living In A World Of Make-Belief – RIP Helen Reddy, More From Laurel Canyon, Fiona Apple and ‘In My Room’, California Dreamin’: Laurel Canyon, A Special Place In Time, Balm For The Soul #1 – George Michael, ‘Heal The Pain’ and ‘Desafinado’, Freshers Week, Student Life 2020 and The Long Journey From ‘Grease’ to ‘GREECE’, The Beat, ‘Mirror In The Bathroom’ and Another Shower Room Update, Film Nights, The Waterboys and ‘How Long Will I Love You’, The Proclaimers, Hibs and "Sunshine On Leith", Peter Sarstedt, A Trio of Brothers and "Where Do You Go To My Lovely? At the end of the first series, Kayleigh, who was moving house and would no longer be car-sharing with John, left him a parting gift in the form of the aforementioned CD. Peter Kay has an encyclopaedic knowledge of pop music, especially from the ’80s and ’90s and the third star of this show became that Forever FM soundtrack (took me right back to those days). Track 3 on this CD (which became the soundtrack to the fantasy dream sequence starring John, Kayleigh and a Monster Truck!) ‘Til the day that I found you As for Car Share, it sounds as if that truly is the end of it, and so it should be as we are left to decide for ourselves how things turned out for our supermarket heroes. ‘Cause yesterday is all that fills my mind But getting back to Car Share, true-life never runs quite as smoothly as in the fairy-tale world of kids’ telly and John has conveniently chosen to ignore the message offered up in the form of the lyrics to Pure and Simple. Car Share S2 E04 Red Light Spells Danger - video dailymotion Kayleigh gets out of the car and out of his life. She also left a little note inside with the not-so-cryptic message that he should listen to Track 2 which was Hear’say’s Pure and Simple. Well, I know he’s probably not for everyone, but I have absolutely loved the recent set of Car Share episodes, written by and starring, Peter Kay. If however all is still going well, it is wise to find out where things are “going”, as before you know it the years have rolled by and you find yourself with someone who is unwilling to commit (not that I know of anyone who has had that happen to them of course). S Club 7 were a manufactured pop act put together by ex-Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller and they starred in four really successful kids’ sitcoms. I choose to think there would have been a happy ending as to think otherwise, for me, is not an option. Because red light spells danger, and fire is quite dangerous. How it could be now or might’ve been As a lady of a certain age, Kayleigh had indeed “no time to waste” and she had to invoke what I used to call, the 3-month rule. Like most fans of the first series, I dived in a few weeks ago as soon as they first appeared on the iPlayer – By the time the closing credits came up on a very emotional final ever episode, I had already viewed it around 5 times. Say you will So, “What’s It All About?” – As a long-term observer of the human condition, this was an excellent piece of writing from Mr Kay and his song choices throughout were impeccable. There’s no use looking back, oh wondering Well, I know he’s probably not for everyone, but I have absolutely loved the recent set of Car Share episodes, written by and starring, Peter Kay. There’s no use looking back, oh wondering All this I know All this I know But, still I can’t find ways to let you go, You’ll always be the dream that fills my head was Never Had a Dream Come True by S Club 7 which was the official Children In Need charity single that year. The very first episode started off with Martika’s Kitchen and the final episode ended with Marillion’s Kayleigh, the reason for which will become clear (SPOILER ALERT). https://jukeboxtimemachine.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/07-never-had-a-dream-come-true.mp3. This is not the kind of song that would normally be enjoyed by a lady of my age either, but I do have a soft spot for both it, and S Club 7, for the following reasons. In the final episode there is a wonderful scene where Billy Ocean’s Red Light Spells Danger comes on the radio and as ever, our supermarket colleagues who have that whole “unspoken thing” going on, burst into song – It is one of the real high points of the whole series but also spells the end of the unspoken thing, as it finally becomes a “spoken about thing” so can only go one of two ways. ", Dean Friedman, Denise Marsa and "Lucky Stars". You’re the one I think about each day They develop a kind of sympatico whilst driving back and forth to work every day, all the time listening to the fictitious Forever FM on John’s Fiat 500 digital radio. Even though I pretend that I’ve moved on They had to leave behind Never Had A Dream Come True Lyrics Not the kind of thing your average 43-year-old man would normally listen to but hey, Kayleigh had her message to get across and this was her way of doing it. (Song by Cathy Dennis/Simon Ellis), Everybody’s got something There’s no use looking back, or wondering I just can’t say good bye. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They do however reinstate their car-sharing routine and get ever closer by the day as is wont to happen when you spend so much time together. Black and It's A "Wonderful Life", Isn't It? Never Had a Dream Come True by S Club 7:

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