Ben Affleck, 308,172 The aircraft was destroyed by fire, with only the tail and a portion of one wing remaining. | Gross: $21.01M, R [12][13] One crew member and two passengers sustained serious injuries, and three crew members and four passengers minor injuries. Flight recorder data suggest that control over the engines had been lost after the final impact. | The main reason for the crash was attributed to pilot error in failing to control the aircraft after icing on the airspeed sensors disengaged the auto-pilot of the aircraft. Director: The airline said preliminary information by Rosaviatsiya are not evidence of pilot error and criticised the media for jumping to conclusions. Steven Spielberg Stars: Could blood plasma help treat coronavirus? [35][3], On 5 May, a petition to ground the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) during the investigation was launched on | 128 min Director: Subscriber Germanwings Flight 9525 A classic case of controlled flight into terrain by the psychic first officer, Andreas Lubitz. [39][40] The SSJ100 suffered a number of technical failures in the weeks following the accident which attracted media attention in Russia. Video, Misty Copeland: Ballet’s listening after George Floyd, Mixed-reality Mario Karts race around the home. Olivia Thirlby, is a psychological thriller about a plot to kill a politician. [36][37] The Ministry of Transport of Russia decided against grounding the SSJ100, stating there was no obvious sign of a design flaw. Richard Gere, 399,427 It bounced on landing and touched down hard, causing the rear landing gear to collapse, fuel to spill out of the wings, and a fire to erupt. Barry Corbin, R Stars: Seven of the thirteen people on board were killed, and the other six, as well as one person on the ground, were injured. The "living history" flight was delayed 40 minutes because of difficulty starting one of the four engines. Aircraft crew members must put off their differences when a natural disaster threatens to death hundreds of tourists. Jonathan Barré Matthias Schweighöfer, 106 min Stars: While stuck in the airport, two friends compete for the attention of a handsome stranger. [7], The aircraft stopped its climb at flight level 106 and was guided towards Sheremetyevo by ATC. The IAC said they continued to analyse data from the accident and that they were preparing for the 5 June release of the preliminary report, concluding, "in this regard, neither IAC nor other persons currently can not have [sic] reliable information about the establishment by the Investigation team of the causes of the fatal accident". The report cited a material provided by Sukhoi claiming that contemporary certification requirements did not consider the effect of "secondary impacts of the airframe on the ground after the destruction of the landing gear". It also did not cover accidents involving military flights, training flights, private flights, cargo planes, and helicopters. [16] Rosaviatsiya issued a safety information bulletin containing a summary of the accident and a number of recommendations. The left magneto for the No. | | Gross: Gavin Hood [4], Following its operator's liquidation in 1985,[4] the aircraft was acquired by the Collings Foundation in January 1986,[2] restored to its 1945 configuration, and N93012 was flying as Nine-O-Nine by August 1986. David Alan Basche, Aleksandr Golubev, PG-13 The transponder code was changed to 7600 (to indicate radio failure) at 15:09 UTC and subsequently to 7700 (emergency) at 15:26 UTC while on final approach.

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