| Instead I found myself completely enthralled with both the story and the characters. In all it's a ok movie that can fill a boring night. What this doesn't add is a interesting character and that alone is a minus. However, it was interesting enough that I was able to stay with it even though I doubt I'll remember it for long. Holding the 200 passengers and the crew members hostage, Cronin forces the plane to land in Dallas, then demands another, more powerful aircraft for the last leg of his escape. I thought the performances here were just a little bit bland - there seemed to be surprisingly little emotion from those portraying the passengers, who you'd think would be a little more panicky at the presence of three hijackers, all of whom have guns and one of whom has a bomb? To be fair though, its not like she has much to work with here. James Brolin is actually wasted here as he plays a pilot with little to do or say. The story isn't rock solid but somehow keeps your attention. With several faces from the 80's this movie doesn't lack star power. Anthony Michael Hall to me just can't shake the nerd character trait that made him famous.

When I initially sat down to watch Hijacked: Flight 285, I figured it would be just another boring Hijack movie with the usual predictable ending. First of all, completely ignore the other comments here. Somehow the hijackers have to take over the plane, after all. With Susan Batten, James Brolin, Michael Gross, Anthony Michael Hall. Not bad & cring worthy moments! Perhaps she's had more of a career than Anthony, but that doesn't mean she's a good actor. This film is BAD.

Sadly, it turns out to be an overly familiar and largely tedious affair, one bogged down by long-winded conversations and a real lack of suspense. This film is not bad, but it had a lot of cliche characters and cliche events, making it fairly predictable through most of it. And then there's Ally Sheedy. It's reasonably suspenseful, although not especially original.

It doesn't help that the camerawork is very static and the dark backdrop of the film makes it look cheap more than anything else. The one thing this has going for it is the cast, with appearances from many '80s stars including Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, James Brolin, Perry King and Michael Gross, but even all those actors can't breathe life into a flaccid script. Sadly, it turns out to be an overly familiar and largely tedious affair, one bogged down by long-winded conversations and a real lack of suspense. | Yes, it's just a re-hash of the Airport genre, but it manages to look and feel fresh thanks to a cast of actual actors (remember them?) It's another hijack movie that depends on all sorts of things: somehow the prisoner being escorted on a commercial flight managed to get word out to his accomplices of exactly which flight he was going to be on. And looked at it in that way, it's passable. Shortly after take-off, two of his aides, traveling as ordinary passengers, take control of the flight and free him.
But you have to accept all that or you won't have a movie. Ally Sheedy doesn't get a lot to do but does a good job with the part she has. Trouble ensues when Cronin hijacks the plane and demands twenty million in bail bonds. So - OK. Slick, well paced and sharply played, H:F285 is a competent and satisfying romp. The direction is limp, the script embarrassing, the sets flimsy, and I haven't even got to the actors yet. Hijacked: Flight 285 Plot While being escorted to prison from Phoenix to New York, crazed killer Peter Cronin (Anthony Michael Hall) hijacks a commercial jet in flight with the help of accomplices. They throw in the bomb, the gun and the badass chick. Remember That This Is A TV Movie And Set Your Expectations Accordingly, Excellent Performance By An Ensemble Cast Saves This Hijack Film From Being Just Another Made For Television Dud. Ruthless convicted murderer Peter Cronin (well played with lipsmacking wicked relish by Anthony Michael Hall) is being transported to prison on a commercial airliner. Metacritic Reviews. What it does lack is chemistry between the star's. Hijacked: Flight 285 (TV Movie 1996) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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