I wouldn't take any notice of it - it's just, 25. The Commonwealth secured its indictments on, 15.

Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: n. gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around by word of mouth. 2. Mr Grant for the prosecution said that this was not a case of, 26. hearsay provisions of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 came into force. After Ctesias comes Aristotle's /iLTT LKl (Psittace), which Sundevall supposes him to have described only from hearsay. This time using hearsay, scaremongering and " council speak " to back up his views.

Care must be taken with the passenger's replies as they will be, 27. There is no religion in the world that has any other basis than hearsay evidence. Among them are unlettered folk who know the Scripture not except from hearsay.

She discovered a world of parties and pleasure she had hitherto only known by, 24. They started to piece the story together from, 4. Thus, it becomes political hearsay to suggest that any single culture is superior to any other. It has been conjectured that the "estuary" here mentioned refers to the Baltic, the existence of which as a separate sea was unknown to all ancient geographers; but the obscure manner in which it is indicated, as well as the inaccuracy of the statements concerning the place from whence the amber was actually derived, both point to the sort of hearsay accounts which Pytheas might readily have picked up on the shores of the German Ocean, without proceeding farther than the mouth of the Ems, Weser or Elbe, which last is supposed by Ukert to have been the limit of his voyage in this direction. 2. Examples of Hearsay in a sentence Without a witness, the police could not prove that the hearsay was anything more than fiction. How To Use Hearsay In A Sentence? 0 0 After Ctesias comes Aristotle's /iLTT LKl (Psittace), which Sundevall supposes him to have described only from hearsay.

Relations between the two countries should not be affected by hearsay, Hearsay testimony, however, can be introduced at sentencing hearings. Judgment should be based on facts, not on, 12.

Hearsay evidence and the testimony of the perjured informer Lord Howard, whom Sidney had been instrumental in introducing to his friends, were first produced. The problem with this is that there is now next to no supporting evidence - only a little family hearsay. i. But the outrage was based on supposition and, 20. She uttered these words as if the gondolas were a curious faraway craft which she knew only by hearsay. hearsay rule has for Christianity has been discussed at length above. , I would regard the layoff rumors as hearsay, because they've been swirling around for months and our company has been growing.

If notes are added later, this "evidence" could be tossed out as hearsay. Those who know the book only by hearsay as the work of a furious incendiary will be surprised at the dignity, force and temperance of the style; it was the circumstances that made it inflammatory. Don't believe the teacher's hearsay about school being closed tomorrow due to the snowstorm unless you hear it directly from the news.

In that case it was probably not written with any direct polemic against writings of St Paul, but against hearsay versions of his teaching that had reached Jerusalem. hearsay reports of its colloquial use in the UK before then.

make a clear distinction between what is fact, opinion or hearsay.

, His tendency to spread hearsay earned the man a reputation as a gossiper. After watching a performance by Destiny's Child, Ciara decided to form an all girl singing group called Hearsay. It must be remembered, however, that the Order only permits the court to admit, 29. Do not be led by reports, or tradition, or, 22. hearsay evidence even in civil cases are very strict indeed. Marquette mapped the Platte from hearsay in 1673; French explorers followed it to the Forks in 1739; and, after Nebraska passed to the United States in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase, successive American exploring expeditions left traces in its history. Hearsay Social provides Farmer's insurance agents with a unified system to create and post useful messages across various networks.

There is no duty to serve notice identifying the hearsay statements or of an intention to rely upon hearsay statements or of an intention to rely upon hearsay. click for more sentences of hearsay rule: 12. There is no need to consider whether to seek to admit the hearsay if the injured party is going to give evidence. She discovered a world of parties and pleasure she had hitherto only known by.

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), but the other phenomena he described only from hearsay. It is common hearsay the council have an interest, in getting us out of here. hearsay rule in a sentence - Use "hearsay rule" in a sentence 1. He has had his reward, for assuredly the portrait of St Louis, from the early collection of anecdotes to the last hearsay sketch of the woeful end at Tunis, with the famous enseignement which is still the best summary of the theoretical duties of a Christian king in medieval times, is such as to take away all charge of vulgarity or mere commerage from Joinville, a charge to which otherwise he might perhaps have been exposed. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

After that he forced a quarrel on a trivial bit of hearsay (that Hamilton had said he had a " despicable " opinion of Burr); and Hamilton, believing as he explained in a letter he left before going to his death - that a compliance with the duelling prejudices of the time was inseparable from the ability to be in future neither wanted war; and indeed Jefferson, throughout life, was the more peaceful of the two.

Only from reading and from hearsay had she been even vaguely acquainted with the existence of poverty. On the other hand, it is urged that, though Guyon and Du Verdier were in a sense contemporaries, they wrote long after the events, and that the testimony of the former is vitiated, not merely by its extreme vagueness, but by the fact .that it occurs in a plaidoyer, tending to exculpate physicians from the charge of unorthodoxy; that Du Verdier in another place assigns the Pantagrueline Prognostication to this same unknown student of Valence, and had therefore probably confused and hearsay notions on the subject; that the rasher and fiercer tone, as well as the apparent repetitions, are sufficiently accounted for on the supposition that Rabelais never finally revised the book, which indeed dates show that he could not have done, as the fourth was not finally settled till just before his death; and that it is perfectly probable, and indeed almost certain, that it was prepared from his papers by another hand, which is responsible for the anachronous allusions above referred to.

, Court officials dismissed the witness’s testimony as hearsay.

4. He told the Wall Street Journal that the company engaged the services of the "Hearsay Corporation" to provide them with more capability and control.

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