A few small and strategic investments can prove to be the difference between looking pulled together and, well, looking like you’re running to keep up! To look exactly like this, you have to get a bob cut till the bottom part of your neck. This hard part fade hairstyle is a popular one with black men, … The wavy hair is cut in layers to further bring out the texture. We’re making a case for why the hard part haircut meets all of these requirements while giving you a major edge at the same time. Only the front part will get longer hair for getting the side bangs. Short hairstyles are not typical to straight-haired ladies. Pair a man bun with a hard part haircut and hit two trends at once. Wear any lipstick of unusual color to emphasize the boldness of this look. There are a lot of women who are extremely careless about look and hairstyle. Spray on some hair setting spray after brushing the hair. Hair that reaches up to your shoulders is good to go. Bangs are an all-time favorite of women across the world. Classic Hard Part Haircut. It’s a classic men’s haircut that has made a comeback. A hard part haircut is a clean line shaved into the scalp to create a division between the sides and the top of the hair. To get this hairstyle, you have chop off your hair up to the upper part of your neck. You do not have to spend a lot of money or time to have this. To stay and look cool get this style. The front bang will be overflow through your forehead to compliment this look. If you need to get hair inspiration,… The hard part is a modern spin on an age old classic — the side part ( The Side Part Haircut: a Classic Style for Gentlemen ). This short bob will look more stunning with the swept bangs. If you’re having trouble battling your thick (and sometimes unruly) strands, run some AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade through the top of your hair to keep it in check. The hard part also called the razor part, is when you have a line shaved into the side of your head for a very defined look with your side part. The same thing can be seen in this case where the bangs actually bring a soft feminine touch to the look. Side Part Hairstyle with Small Puff. In the bigger part you can get the side front bangs to get a whole changed look. This look easily grows out into a softer and more versatile style. Sweep both of the sides of your hair for the ultimate look. In this case, only the frontal strands of one side are kept long. While thick hair can sometimes be a nuisance and a little bit hard to deal with when it comes to styling, this is one of those times when thick hair is actually ideal. While brushing the hair sideways, puff it up a little bit on the front and let the puff stay that way using hair setting spray. Comb Suave Extra Hold Shaping Mousse to keep the longer strands in their gravity-defying state. Firstly, the hair is colored deep pink but the roots are kept dark. Comb your hair properly for the ultimate look. 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Pixie cut has more than one variation to it and this is one of the many kinds of pixie cuts that women love. It is the perfect hairstyle for women with oblong faces. This is another great option if you’re wary of committing to this edgy style. After making a side partition, get some asymmetrical side bangs. This will provide you an extreme prettiness with younger appearance. Comb the side of the parting with more hair to one side and pin it up behind your ears. They are just what you need to soften out any hairstyle. Another big advantage for short hair is that there is very little maintenance required for that as compared to long hair. If you are willing to get a chic look with a short haircut then this hairstyle is appropriate for you. It’s also referred to as a shaved part, hard-line, shaved part line, or line in. Perfect eye makeup will emphasize your look. There is a clear side parting and the haircut is totally symmetrical on all the sides. Tease the longer side of the parting all over. Afro Fade with Hard Part and Line Up. The hair overflowing the eyes will give you an ultimate look to rock the world. To get this hairstyle you have to make your hair chopped up to the neck line. Colorful artsy silver, candy pink, and electric purple haircut. The parting can be on any side that you feel suits you. If you are interested in having this look, make your hair shorter till the neck. The contrast in the lengths and cuts of hair makes it look so amazing. Hacks & Inspiration from Hair Experts at Unilever, Everything You Need to Know About Platinum Blonde Hair, Understanding the Hair Color Wheel and How It Applies to Your Hair, Curly Hair Type Infographic: Learn the Different Kinds of Curls, Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Procedure for You. If you are the proud wearer of a man bun and you’re not ready to give your long hair up in the name of the hard part trend then you can rest easy. Now, take a fine-toothed comb and brush the hair well. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a hard part (although it will grow out relatively quickly), then this is the look for you. Short hairstyles have always earned favors from women. This is one of the classics of short hairstyles with side parting and as you know, a hairstyle becomes a classic only when it is highly flattering. One of sides is really long and it covers one of the eyes while the other side is super short. After making the side partition you can sweep it aside to get the finished look. Apply oodles of hair gel to bring the wet hair look. There is no doubt that it will provide you younger look than ever. Leave the top of your hair long and cut the sides short for an edgier version of your favorite longer style. It can be a natural look with a soft part or heavily styled with a hard part. This flattering hairstyle is a combination of faux and bob cut. There is a demarcation of hair length but the parting is completely hidden by the hair that is brushed towards the front. This particular hairstyle is a very easy to wear and go hairstyle. Try a side part with slightly overgrown sides for a more clean-cut take on this look. From this article you can get the idea about side swept short hairstyles for yourself to slay the world. The way to add some x-factor to it is through tweaks like spikes and puffs. Are you fond of your tom-boyish image? Moreover, with fringes and side bangs, a woman always looks prettier, younger and no doubt more elegant. The results will be a fake hard part that boasts all of the impact without any of the commitment. At the very first you just have to chop your hair off till the neck and length should be obviously according to your wish. The side and the back part will be equally shorter. Layered Short Hair with Side Swept Bangs. The front swept hair will be longer to give it a side bang look. There is no doubt that these are exceptionally seductive, versatile, stylish and quite convenient. Experimenting with your parts while growing out your hair is a fun way to switch up your look on the reg. Even if you are not interested to chop your hair off then you can only change your bang and that is enough to get an attractive side swept short hairstyle. The hairstyle significantly reduces the length of their face and makes it appear fuller than it is. Debatably the edgiest way to wear the hard part haircut, this look combines a hard part with both a fade and a full beard. Aim for a heavy contrast by growing out the top of your hair and shaping it into a gravity defying style that sits on top of your hard part. While brushing the hair sideways, puff it up a little bit on the front and let the puff stay that way using hair setting spray. The hairstyle has a rather cute and fun vibe to it and you must choose this hairstyle if that goes perfectly well with your persona. Make a side partition and comb it nicely. Short & Thin Side Part Bob Haircut. If you’re not up for the regular upkeep a sharp style like this may require, then just take a look at the photo above. The hair is puffed really slightly at the crown so that it does not look too plain. Then make a side part and sweep them aside according to the partition line. The hard part haircut, also referred to as a shaved part or line in haircut, is a modern variation of the classic side part that has become a popular hair design for men. However, short hairstyle does not mean that your style options are limited. You can carry this look anywhere without hesitation of facing any problem. Like many classic styles, the hard part haircut doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Only the front part and the bigger portion will get longer hair. Moreover, the temples are not faded for a reason so as to make it look like what a gentleman would look like. There are side swept fringes in front to make the hairstyle look really pretty. The shorter side is tucked behind the ear. The smaller side will also be very short. There is a slick and structured look to this hairstyle which happens to be one of the biggest draws from this one. The front part will have longer hair to create the side bangs. Then you can curl the front bangs and the bottom part of your hair for the perfect finishing. This hairstyle is extremely unique than the others of this list. Create a hard part haircut with some gel. Women look extremely chic and glamorous wearing this look. In the front part of the bigger part will have side bangs to complete the whole look. This hairstyle is very easy to wear but provide a stunning and beautiful look to slay the fashion world. This style will provide you a bold look as this will look the best on the grey or white colored hair. To get this hairstyle you have to chop your hair off till the upper part of your neck. These hairstyles are extremely impressive and complement all the looks perfectly. Thinking about giving this look a try?

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