HTML is written using HTML elements, which consist of tags, primarily and opening tag and a closing tag. HTML allows images and objects to be embedded in the webpage. In addition, browsers ignore errors in HTML pages, and try to display the website even if it … In HTML, the values of attributes are not so important. In this, CSS has been applied in a different manner. XHTML is the extended version of HTML only with help of using XML as well invalidating the elements. Hence, each custom tag is read differently.

HTML requires lenient HTML specific parser. It needs to parse with standard XML parser.


In XHTML, the documents should have one root element.

XHTML is HTML defined as an XML application; XHTML is supported by all major browsers; Why XHTML? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2020, Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons.

HTML 5 is just the latest version of HTML.

The filename extension of XHTML is .xhtml and .xht. It is a markup language written in XML. XHTML was developed to make HTML more extensible and flexible to work with other data formats (such as XML). It is HTML defined as an XML application.

It allows scripting languages to change a web page's look and function after the page has been fully loaded and during the viewing process.

Summary: Difference Between HTML and XHTML is that HTML is a special formatting language that programmers use to format documents for display on the Web. In XHTML, the processing of Javascript is slightly different as compared to HTML. XHTML stands for Extensible HyperText Markup Language.

It defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. It is a markup language written in XML. While, XHTML is not case-sensitive, expensive than HTML, and it uses XHTML along with XML as the application code.

XHTML was developed by World Wide Web Consortium and it was released in the year 2000. It does this by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items. In fact, XML-based formats have become the default for many office-productivity tools, including Microsoft Office, and LibreOffice, and Apple's iWork.

As XHTML is in part HTML, it is supported by almost all major browsers. XML was never meant as a direct replacement for HTML, it has a different scope. In HTML, XML declaration is not necessary. HTML and XHTML use tags or elements, which are words, abbreviations, and symbols that specify links to other documents and indicate how a Web page is displayed when viewed on the Web. HTML also provides the means to create structured documents. XHTML markup must conform to the markup standards defined in a HTML DTD.

XML separates the data from HTML; XML simplifies platform change process; Advantages of using HTML. It makes a user interface more agile and flexible. In HTML, there is no concern well-formed constraints.

Differences Between HTML vs XHTML. It is very fast, accurate, easily maintained, editable, convertible and formatted. HTML is easy to understand because it has a very …

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. DHTML also allows the pages to change at any time, without returning to the Web server first. It allows designers to create their own customized tags.

Essentially, it is a hybrid between HTML and XML specifically designed for Net device displays. Here we have discussed their HTML vs XHTML head to head comparison, key difference along with infographics and comparison table. In XHTML, it is concerned with well-formed constraints. They allow one to insert images, text, videos, forms and other pieces of content together into a cohesive webpage. XHTML code used to create the Web page. This has been a useful guide to Differences between HTML vs XHTML. XHTML is more expressive as compared to HTML. XML provides the extensibility to XHMTL, while requiring the XHTML documents to be well formatted unlike HTML. Hence, XHTML extensibility makes sure that the layout and presentation stays more-or-less the same over various platforms.

Essentially, it is a hybrid between HTML and XML specifically designed for Net device displays. For e.g. In HTML, While defining the attributes it is not necessary to mention quotes. Use a form to capture user input, and then process, verify and respond to that data without having to send data back to the server. Also Read: Difference Between PDF and HTML. The main objective of HTML is to allow web browsers to interpret and display the content written between the tags. The tags are designed to describe the page content.

It can also be used to create interactive forms. HTML allows for the programmer to embed scripts written in languages such as JavaScript, which many often do. HTML and XHTML both are markup languages used for creating web pages and our applications. Embed a ticker that automatically refreshes its content with the latest news, stock quotes, or other data. For e.g.

HTML and XHTML are not actually programming languages. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In HTML, all the written text that should be displayed in browser can put under HTML body element.

In HTML tags are not case sensitive but in XHTML only lowercase tags are allowed. XHTML has markup language as type format. The Difference between HTML, XHTML & HTML5 for Beginners For those who are just entering the world of development, these commonly used words can be confusing. You view a Web page written with HTML in a Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome.

For e.g. Whereas, DHTML is essentially Dynamic HTML.

The last release of XHTML is XHTML5, which is being developed as XML configured with. Both of these programming languages are used for the development of web application or websites.

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