[35] Brounhill's instructions blame James IV for moving down the hill to attack the English on marshy ground from a favourable position, and credits the victory to Scottish inexperience rather than English valour. At Framlingham Castle the Duke kept two silver-gilt cups engraved with the arms of James IV, which he bequeathed to Cardinal Wolsey in 1524. James also summoned sailors and sent the Scottish navy, including the Great Michael to join the ships of Louis XII of France.[7]. Robert Henderson, younger of Fordell; killed with his father. p. 276, George Lyon, son of John Lyon, 3rd Lord Glamis. Edited by Jeremy Black. Sir Alexander Stewart of Greenan (or Grenan), son of Alexander Stewart of Garlies. The Scottish Lyon King of Arms brought James IV's letter of 26 July [8] to him. ..., It must be borne in mind that it is only the King's vassals or tenants who left heirs in lands in the comparatively small portion of Scotland then held by the King, whose names can be expected to appear in the present Accounts. Even the best of generals – and James IV was not one of those – depend to a large measure on luck. The artillery train taken over the Lammermuirs was one of the largest and best ever, well provided with men, powder, shot and other necessities. [15][16] After a muster on the Burgh Muir of Edinburgh, the Scottish host moved to Ellemford, to the north of Duns, and camped to wait for Angus and Home. The preface to the published volume of the Exchequer Rolls gives this explanation and guide to the variety of Latin phrases used to describe deaths in the campaign; "The usual form of entry is "qui obiit in bello" (who died in the war), "in campo bellico" (in field of war), or "in campo" (in the field); but the forms also occur "qui obiit sub vixillo regis", (who died under the king's banner) which probably denotes with certainty that the death was at Flodden, or "qui obiit in exercitu in Northumberland" (who died in the army in Northumberland), which perhaps indicates that the death occurred elsewhere than at Flodden, or that the place of death was unknown.

The Auld Alliance, as it was known, proved to have disastrous consequences when, in 1513,

Two years later Francis I defeated the Swiss pikemen at the Battle of Marignano, using a combination of heavy cavalry and artillery, ushering in a new era in the history of war. When James was in council at the camp at Flodden Edge a hare ran out of his tent and escaped the weapons of his knights; it was found that mice had gnawed away the strings and buckle of the King's helmet; and in the morning his tent with spreckled with a bloody dew.[65]. [10] A year earlier, Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, had been appointed Lieutenant-General of the army of the north and was issued with banners of the Cross of St George and the Red Dragon of Wales. Despite the obvious pointlessness of the fighting, the appearance of success was popular. The size of the two armies and the numbers killed are particularly contentious issues, not helped by the typical tendency of many early authors to exaggerate. Brian Tuke, the English Clerk of the Signet, sent a newsletter stating 10,000 Scots killed and 10,000 escaped the field. 571, 574, James Crichton of Rothven, p. 383, no. Vol.I.

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