Two ‘Healthy’ Foods That Can Harm You

In this article, you’ll discover two healthy eating facts most people don’t know about. But they will help you tremendously with achieving your dream body.

In case you haven’t realized … even if your main interest is just losing weight, healthy eating is a must.

You can NOT achieve or maintain a great looking body on a calorie restricted sub-healthy diet permanently. Your body has to have proper nutrition to look great and fit for the long term.

That said, here are two things you can do immediately to improve your nutrition.

Healthy Eating Fact #1

Avoid wheat as often as possible. Yep, avoid wheat in all forms: even the so-called ‘healthy’ whole grain.


Two main reasons.

Wheat and its products raise the level of those hormones that cause fat storage. So, the wheat you eat will end up as fat on your thighs, hips and stomach.

Plus gluten found in nearly all wheat products can be hard to digest. This can cause indigestion and bloating which gives your tummy a puffy look and feel.

You don’t want that if you’re trying to lose fat, do you?

Another reason for avoiding wheat is that it’s in over 90% of food products on supermarket shelves. And most of them are not healthy.

Not only that, these wheat products have a tendency to make you want more and more of the stuff. So, you’ll tend to overeat these un-nutritious calories. And your body will soon crave more because it hasn’t got enough nutrients. That will lead you to store more fat.

So, what can you do to avoid wheat?

Most commercial breads, pasta and breakfast cereal consist mainly of wheat. That means you need to limit or even eliminate their intake if you want to get a lean attractive body.

I know, that can be easier said than done. And I know quite a few people who will throw a tantrum if they can’t get their daily bread. And some of them really get upset with me for “maligning” their beloved wheat bread.

So, the best thing to do is to bake your own or buy bread using alternative flour. Spelt flour and  rice flour make a better choice. Coconut flour and almond flour are even better.

But you must understand this, though: Don’t go feeling squeaky clean just because you swap your wholewheat pasta with brown rice pasta. Or you swap your wholewheat bread with rye bread. They’re still not as good as fresh vegetables and fruits for your carbohydrate needs. So, whenever you eat this grain stuff (bread, pasta, rice etc) for your carbs, you’re still not giving your body the maximum nutrients you can possibly get.

So, if you’re really ambitious or even desperate about losing those love handles, go for vegetables and some fruits instead. Not only will they give you more nutrients than your ‘new, improved’ bread and pasta, they have a lot fewer calories.

But if you’re really addicted to wheat, you really must gradually reduce the amount you eat. Then swap for a better alternative.

One more thing …

Read your food labels. Watch out for corn starch, edible starch, food starch, modified starch, rusk, thickener and vegetable protein. These are some of the names food manufacturers use to disguise wheat.

Healthy Eating Fact #2

Watch out for how you use extra-virgin olive oil. If you’ve been using olive oil for all your cooking thinking it’s the healthiest choice, stop!


Olive oil can become toxic when heated to a high temperature. Olive oil breaks down at high temperature and becomes rancid.

Bottom line: Don’t use olive oil for cooking at a high temperature. Instead, use extra-virgin coconut oil or butter.

Cold olive oil is a healthy fat full of goodness. It’s best used cold as a salad dressing. You can even use it for cooking at low temperature such as light sautéing. Just make sure it’s extra-virgin and cold-pressed.

There you go. Just change these two simple dietary habits. And you’ll be well on your way to transforming your body to a better leaner shape.

Plus being healthy and feeling good is a bonus. 🙂