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Bring the ancient art and science of compounding medication to your patients. With compounded prescriptions, you can offer medications to your patients as individual as they are.


Compounded prescriptions can be an indispensable part of a pain management treatment plan. Transdermal creams can be used to treat pain locally, maximizing results while minimizing side effects. Transdermal medications are also helpful in avoiding some side effects associated with orally delivered medications, including stomach irritation, cardiovascular risk, and adverse reactions with kidneys or liver. This type of targeted treatment is fast and effective so lower doses of medication may be used. 


Create Customized prescriptions for your patients from the over 7000 medications we have available. Personalize the strength, dosage, flavor and form of their medication and maximize results. 


Whether you want to help your patient avoid ingredients that they are allergic to or help them avoid unnecessary side effects by treating pain locally, US Health Group can help you offer this ancillary service to your patients. Better manage your patient's pain, symptoms and health. 


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