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US Health Group - Toxicology laboratory services for Urine Drug Testing and Oral Swabs deliver the most effective, productive, and cost efficient solutions available for meeting and exceeding the needs related to therapeutic drug monitoring. We are a premier provider of comprehensive clinical quantitative urine drug testing, medication monitoring and support services. Providing a variety of medical specialties, our company is supported by a world-class team that shares our commitment to clinical and operational excellence.

The US Health Group team is continually creating new ways to enrich the lives of physicians'.  At the same, we are helping patients live healthier by optimizing therapeutic outcomes. Through ongoing research, discovery, and development of new approaches to personalized laboratory medicine, we are dedicated to furthering the progress of healthcare today.
Moreover, through early detection and individualized patient results, our Toxicology lab services enable you to eliminate unnecessary treatments and their related expenses. Our comprehensive testing solutions support a higher standard of patient care and promote ongoing cost savings that benefit the healthcare system as a whole.